Comparisons on numerically-calculated HRTFs of typical dummy heads


Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) plays an significant role in the virtual auditory technology. In practical commercial applications, HRTFs of a universal dummy head, e.g. KEMAR, are frequently used. However, previous researches verify that another dummy head, BHead210, is more fit for Chinese since this dummy head is built on average Chinese while KEMAR is on average western people. In this paper, we carefully compare the HRTFs of KEMAR and BHead210 to exam if there is significant difference in auditory perception. Firstly, we use 3D scan and numerical calculation method to obtain the HRTFs of the two dummy heads, so that complicated electro-acoustic measurement is avoided. Secondly, we reveal the differences of the two heads in HRTF magnitude, ITD and ILD. Finally, we organize two subjective listening tests including localization test and A/B comparison. The results confirm that generally the HRTFs of BHead210, especially on bilateral localization, are more preferred by Chinese subjects.


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