In vitro antioxidant and antibacterial activity of sulfated polysaccharides isolated from Spatoglossum asperum.


Fucoidan was extracted productively from Spatoglossum asperum and its antioxidant and antibacterial potential against Aeromonos hydrophila was investigated. The isolated fucoidan was characterized by HPLC, FTIR, 1H and 13C NMR spectrum. The isolated fucoidan contained 60.9% fucose, 21.35±0.81% sulfate and 4.2±0.56% protein, respectively. The in vitro antioxidant activity was evaluated by DPPH radical scavenging, reducing power and total antioxidant activities. The extracted fucoidan showed antioxidant properties in a dose-dependent manner. The antibacterial activity of isolated fucoidan was tested against A. hydrophila using agar bioassay, agar well diffusion and confocal assays. In this study, the minimum inhibitory concentration was obtained at 100μg/ml and the maximum zone of inhibition (33mm) was observed at 150μg/ml of fucoidan concentration in agar bioassay and agar well diffusion assay. The experimental results proved that the extracted fucoidan from S. asperum possesses admirable antioxidant and antibacterial properties.


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